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Application of the Products

Bismuth Metal
   Bismuth can improve welding performance, and solder alloy added with bismuth can be used for military equipment.Bismuth bronze alloy can improve abrasion-resistance and can be used for making wear-resisting shaft and gear.

Bismuth Oxide
   Bismuth Oxide can improve weatherability, covering power and has the characteristic of gloss retention, which can be used for car spraying and high-temperature component protection.
   Excellent optical property of bismuth oxide can be used for making the raw material of top grade glass, electrooptical devices, optical fiber transmission and holographic storage.
   Bismuth Oxide can lower reaction temperature, improve remanence and coercivity, which can be used for making ferrite magnetic material.

Bismuth Subnitrate, Bismuth Subcarbonate and Bismuth Aluminate
   The astringent and hemostatic characteristics of bismuth subnitrate and bismuth subcarbonate can be used for stomach medicine and hemostatics.
   The anti-acids and anti-ulcer characteristics of bismuth aluminate can be used for making stomach medicines such as medicines for gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and chronic superficial gastritis.

   BiOCI is environmental and non-toxic and can make products radiant, which can be used for high-grade cosmetics,lead-free pigment and pearly handicrafts.