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Circular Economy

comprehensive utilization of resources --- examples of circular economy

  I. Turning waste into treasure, extracting bismuth from wastes
  With the waste residues, low-grade concentrate tailings and metal materials containing bismuth produced by smelters as the raw materials, the company adopts the domestic leading environmental cleaning technology to turn the wastes into treasures, and has achieved an annual handling capacity of 100,000 tons.

  II. Turning harm into treasure, producing sulfuric acid with smog
  The traditional bismuth smelting industry has been subject to the restriction of the SO2 environmental pollution in the pyrometallurgical process. Our company applies for the world’s first oxygen-rich Dual side-blowing redox furnace to replace the traditional reverberatory furnace, and take full advantage of the harmful sulfur element to produce sulfuric acid, which can both be used in production and for export,which can achieve material circulation and increase the output value of the company; more importantly, it can reduce pollution and protect the environment.

  III. Energy saving, waste heat utilization
  By making full use of the waste heat of high-temperature fume, we have designed three waste heat boilers to produce saturated steam, to meet the need for steam at production sections, and provide heating for production operations room, office buildings, dormitories, dining halls and bathhouses.